The Rees Centre for Research in Fostering and Education is in the University of Oxford Department of Education.  Through research and its application, the Rees Centre aims to make a difference to the life chances of children and young people in foster care and those who have experienced care.

Set up initially with funding from the Core Assets Group in 2012, the Rees Centre is now funded from a variety of sources. Our research has a particular focus on children and young people in care, foster carers and the wide range of organisations that provide fostering services.  It also focuses on building a sense of attachment, security and belonging for young people, and achieving improved educational outcomes, health and well-being. Professor Judy Sebba, Director of the Rees Centre, answers questions from a young person on the role of the Centre in this short video.

The Rees Centre Team includes Dr Nikki Luke, Senior Research Fellow, Dr Ellie Ott, Research Fellow and Professor Ian Sinclair, consultant. Aoife O’Higgins, Áine Kelly, Mariela Neagu and Vânia Pinto are the current doctoral students. Andrea Diss is the Centre Administrator. Sally Winiarski is the Communications and Publicity Officer and the Project Administrator is Diana Jones. Jennifer Wilkinson is the Project Manager.

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