Magic Moments

Lynne Blencowe, foster carer, writes “I wanted to tell the story about the wonderful magical times that we often have, which hopefully could be used to help recruit more carers…”

I recently attended the celebration of the book launch of “Team Parenting For Children in Foster Care”, by Jeanette Caw with Judy Sebba.  As a foster carer for Core Assets, I sat nodding and smiling as the speakers discussed the merits of the book that describes the way that professionals can work together to create a stable and therapeutic foster placement.

Professor Robbie Gilligan congratulated Jeanette Caw and talked about the pleasure of having your own words turn from text to a real book.  Several members of the audience nodded in agreement and after the formal part of the evening, during a conversation with Nikki Luke, the idea of writing a book about the “Magic Moments” of being a foster carer grew.  The next thing was that I was being introduced to someone from Jessica Kingsley Publishers Ltd.

At home, one of the young people I look after, told me that she had just returned from an event where she had been counting the money that she and others had raised for the Poppy Appeal during the 3 Saturdays on the run up to Remembrance Day, and it was over £2000.   I told her how proud we all were of her, and that I had decided to try to write a book about the Magic Moments that happen to foster carers (by emre at dh). I said that I didn’t want to write a book where there is a photograph on the front of a child looking sad, with head in hands and big teary eyes, – I wanted to tell the story about the wonderful magical times that we often have, which hopefully could be used to help recruit more carers.

I explained that the research in the publication, “Why do people become foster carers” by Judy Sebba, shows one of the key findings is “What most often leads people to consider non-kinship fostering is meeting or knowing other foster carers.”  My idea is to write a book that could be given to all existing foster carers, in the hope that they will pass it on to someone that they know, who might be considering fostering.

I wonder if a book written from a fosters carers perspective, describing the process from making the first enquiry, through to the training, form F, panel and then placement – with a section on F.A.Q. tips and hints, dispelling myths and  managing behaviour with a sense of humour, a song and a  tambourine is a good idea?


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  1. Antonia Hancocks says:

    If it’s you writing it, with all the brilliant stories you have to tell, it would be fantastic. I can’t wait to read it.

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