Team email:

Director: Dr Lisa Holmes

Professor:  Judy Sebba OBE 

Senior Research Fellow: Dr Nikki Luke

Research Fellow: Dr Ellie Ott

Research Fellow: Dr Louise McGrath-Lone

Post-doctoral Research Fellow: Dr Eran Melkman

Research Assistant: Mariela Neagu

Administrator: vacant

Project Officer (Children’s Social Care Innovation Programme): Diana Jones

Project Manager: Jennifer Wilkinson

Communications and Publicity Officer: Sally Winiarski

Consultant: Professor Ian Sinclair

Doctoral students:

Áine Kelly

Aoife O’Higgins

Vânia Pinto

Janique Charles

Caitlin Prentice

Advisory Group

Current members

Consultants (foster carers)

Lynne Blencowe, Nicola Brooksbank, Paulyn Brown, Gordon Brownhill, Sandy Brownhill, Colin Chatten, Judith Clare, Crystal Coad, Claire Earl, Elizabeth Green, Sue Greenwell, Jane Grimwood, Liz Hannah, David Harcourt, Jenny Harris, Alex Hamill, Gwen Jones, Movella Laing, Chris Massey, Roselle Potts, Lisa Pover, Ilse Powell, Julie Quin, Jane Vellacott, Yvonne Wainwright-Stringer, Jackie White, Liz White, Mike Wilson, Theresa Winnard


Jo Dixon
Di McNeish
Sarah Meakings
Gillian Plumridge
Alun Rees
Luke Rodgers
Jade Ward

Visiting Practitioners
(July-Dec 2014) Alun Rees & Lucy Wawrzyniak

(2016) Gillian Plumridge

Further information on our Visiting Practitioners

Rees Centre Departmental Associates

Dr John Coleman
Dr Chris Davies
Professor Anne Edwards
Dr Ian Finlay
Professor Pam Sammons
Professor Kathy Sylva

Rees Centre International Expert Reference Group

Leah Bromfield, Associate Professor, University of South Australia
Jason Brown, Professor, University of Western Ontario, Canada
Robbie Gilligan, Professor of Social Work and Social Policy, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
Ingrid Höjer, Professor, Department of Social Work, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
Peter J. Pecora, Professor, School of Social Work, University of Washington, USA

Further membership to be confirmed.