Team email:

The Centre Manager is Jennifer Wilkinson. To contact the main Rees Centre office, phone 01865 274050 (Administrator Natalie Reynolds) and we will direct your query as appropriate. 

Centre Director: Dr Lisa Holmes

Deputy Director: Dr Neil Harrison

Professor Julie Selwyn CBE, Professor of Education and Adoption

Professor Judy Sebba OBE 

Professor Harriet Ward  (honorary research fellow)

Research Fellow: Dr Nikki Luke

Research Fellow: Dr Ellie Ott

Research Fellow: Dr Louise McGrath-Lone

Post-doctoral Research Fellow: Dr Eran Melkman

Research Assistant: Dr Mariela Neagu

Research Assistant: Dr Priya Tah

Research Assistant: Helen Trivedi

Research Assistant: Clare Savory

Administrator: Natalie Reynolds

Project Officer: Diana Jones

Centre Manager: Jennifer Wilkinson

Communications and Publicity Officer: Sally Winiarski

Doctoral students:

Áine Kelly

Vânia Pinto

Janique Charles

Caitlin Prentice

Jane Lee