Mariela Neagu


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Mariela is a DPhil student at the Rees Centre for Research in Fostering and Education, based in the Department of Education. She is supervised by Judy Sebba, Director of the Rees Centre and Alis Oancea at the Department of Education.

Mariela previously coordinated the European Union’s programmes to reform the child protection system in Romania (1999-2006) and was Secretary of State for children’s rights in Romania (2007-2009).

She holds an MSc in International Human Rights Law from the Department of Continuing Education, University of Oxford.


Doctoral thesis title: What Matters? Outcomes in adult life of various types of child protection in Romania.

Mariela’s research looks at outcomes of various child protection measures in Romania using mixed methods of research.

List of Publications (Department of Education page).


EUSARF Conference 2016

Doctoral student Mariela Neagu

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Mariela Neagu speaking at EUSARF Conference 2016