Professor Ian Sinclair

Ian Sinclair took his first degree in philosophy and ancient history. After that he worked in secondary teaching, probation, social services, counselling and industrial and social research. Ian was appointed Professor of Social Work at University of York in 1989. In 1996 he became co-director of the Social Work Research and Development Unit at the same university. This has now joined with the Social Policy Research Unit where he is an emeritus (i.e. retired) professor.

Ian’s earlier work was in the fields of delinquency, adult relationships, and the welfare of old people. He gained his PhD from LSE while working at the Home Office Research Unit. More recently he has published on residential care and foster care for children. His latest study was done with Dr Claire Baker, Jenny Lee and Dr Ian Gibbs and dealt with stability and movement in the care system. His views are also influenced by his wife’s experience as a trained social worker in residential work and her activities in providing lodgings and support to homeless adults and young people. He has an OBE for services to child welfare.

Selected Publications Since 2003

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