Developing Evidence Informed Educational Practice for Children in Care

Two Visiting Practitioners to the Rees Centre were funded by the University of Oxford’s ESRC Impact Acceleration Account from July-December 2014.
Dr Alun Rees, previously Headteacher at the Virtual School in Leeds and member of the National Steering Group
Ms Lucy Wawrzyniak, Team Leader of the Oxfordshire Virtual School for Looked After Children

The two Visiting Practitioners built extensively on existing key local and national partnerships, particularly with the National Virtual School Headteachers’ Steering Group and Oxfordshire County Council (OCC). Alun revised and extended the Virtual School handbook (June 2015) for the DfE and Virtual School Steering Group so it reflects the available research evidence. Lucy drew on Rees Centre research to develop ‘knowledge claims’ which are statements about practice that have a strong evidence base and which some Oxfordshire schools are now using to review their practice. This has increased the profile and credibility of the Rees Centre, ensuring our research is more accessible and better used by practitioners involved in the education of children in care. As importantly, it has allowed organisations such as OCC to have a voice concerning our research priorities while the Rees Centre has developed a better understanding of the systems we are looking to influence.

Media coverage:
How can schools do more to promote looked after children? (Schools Week article, 7 June 2015)