Evidence Informed Practice in Fostering Services

Gill Plumridge, an experienced social worker, will join the Rees Centre for 6 months in 2016 funded by a grant from the Higher Education Innovation Fund.

Currently almost 70,000 children in England live with more than 50,000 foster families.

In addition to strengthening links between fostering services and the Rees Centre, the main output of the partnership will be the development and testing of ‘knowledge claims’ about fostering. A knowledge claim is a statement describing practice that is well supported by research evidence, for example, that ‘involving established foster carers in recruitment of new carers boosts applications’. These statements can then be used by practitioners, like foster care providers, to see how far their current services reflect the best available evidence.


Book review

Foster carer Jane Vellacott reviews Why Won't My Teenager Talk to Me? by John Coleman