Why are foster carers important? Young people’s views (1)

The second of our special posts for Foster Care Fortnight.

By Kurtis Allsopp, care experienced young person with Core Assets

In my personal opinion and some of the care leavers I’ve worked with, both parties agree that there are more benefits and opportunities to young people placed in a foster placement.

I live on my own and work full time in a nursing home doing a health and social care apprenticeship. If I was living with my foster carer post-18 I would have to be in some form of education to still be fully supported within the placement. In my current situation I’ll have to start paying £150 towards rent even while working 40 hours a week on an apprentice wage which is £2.50 an hour.

I feel due to the lack of experienced and dedicated foster carers to deal with more difficult cases and behaviours I am at a personal and unfair loss, which is why foster carers are so important, with more and more young people being placed in residential homes. I can comment first hand and say that residential care placements just aren’t right for some young people and once in one they are often exposed to a lot of unpleasant and criminal activities. In a foster home I feel I would have eventually thrived given support and perseverance.

I’ve had some fantastic foster carers but none of them ever over 2 years.

Why do you think foster carers are important?


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