Care Leavers’ Transition into the Labour Market in England

A major new study funded by the Nuffield Foundation to explore the school-to-work transition for care leavers. The research will explore what factors, including earlier education and training, contribute to whether care leavers are in employment. More details

Reading Together

Reading Together is a reading programme co-designed by Queen’s University Belfast and the Rees Centre. Designed for children aged 7-9 in foster care, it aims to help improve their reading skills. The programme runs for six months and during this time the foster children receive three parcels, each containing four books that they have chosen. The books are free for the children to keep. For the duration of the programme, their foster carers are asked to set aside time to read with the children and to follow some simple guidance provided to them in a short handbook based on a technique called ‘paired reading’. More details

Educational Attainment and Progress of Children in Need and Children in Care

A major new study (Sep 2017-Jan 2020) funded by the Nuffield Foundation to explore the educational trajectories and experiences of both children in care and children in need. This is a collaborative project led by the University of Bristol and the Rees Centre at the University of Oxford. More details

Exclusions of Looked After Children

A 12 month study in collaboration with six London boroughs. More details

The Alex Timpson Attachment and Trauma Programme In Schools

A five year study (from Oct 2017) to raise awareness of the role that attachment and trauma can play in children’s education and build a national evidence base for schools and others. More details

Evaluation of the Attachment Aware Schools Programme

The Rees Centre has evaluated programmes in Leicestershire, Stoke on Trent and Bath and North East Somerset now available. More details

Evaluation of London Fostering Achievement Programme

Researchers from the Rees Centre and Loughborough University’s Centre for Child and Family Research undertook a mixed methods evaluation of the London Fostering Achievement Programme designed to improve educational outcomes for fostered children in London. The programme had four main components: generic foster carer training focusing on education, masterclasses, direct work with schools and education champions. More details

Educational Progress of Looked After Children in England: Linking Care and Educational Data

First major study in England to explore the relationship between educational outcomes, young people’s care histories and individual characteristics. It focused on the reasons for the low educational outcomes of young people in care (looked after) in secondary schools in England. More details

What is the relationship between being in care and the educational outcomes of children?

An international systematic review. More details

Webinar recording: How do schools address attachment and trauma?

Watch now on YouTube. Led by Duncan Roberts, Hertfordshire primary school headteacher with Judy Sebba and Helen Trivedi from the Rees Centre

March 2018