Evaluation of Children’s Social Care Innovation Programme

About the Innovation Programme

The Department for Education (DfE) launched the Children’s Social Care Innovation Programme to act as a catalyst for developing more effective ways of supporting vulnerable children. The programme is seeking to inspire whole system change to improve the life chances for children receiving support from the social care system, to provide stronger incentives and mechanisms for innovation, experimentation and replication of successful new approaches and to increase value for money. Areas of focus include rethinking children’s social work, support for adolescents in, or on the edge of care, mental health, child sexual exploitation and many other areas of children’s social care.

Evaluation Team

The Rees Centre is acting as the Evaluation Coordinator for the entire programme. The team is Judy Sebba, Nikki Luke, Alun Rees and Di McNeish supported by Diana Jones.

Contact email: reesdfeevaluation@education.ox.ac.uk

Project Evaluations

Summaries of evaluation findings for the following projects: (published Dec 2016)

Achieving for Children: Better by Design
Durham Aycliffe: Secure homes
Fostering Network: Mockingbird
Match Foster Care
National Implementation Service: KEEP
National Implementation Service: RESuLT
Social Work Innovation Fund Torbay (SWIFT)
The North London Children’s Efficiency Programme
Triborough: Focus on practice
West Sussex: South East Together

57 individual projects are being evaluated by 22 evaluation teams. (More on Evaluation from Spring Consortium website).