Evaluation of Children’s Social Care Innovation Programme

The Department for Education (DfE) launched the Children’s Social Care Innovation Programme in 2013.

Thematic Reports

The Rees Centre was the Evaluation Co-ordinator for the entire programme across Wave 1. Our reports look at evidence across the programme (July 2017):

What have we learned about good social work systems and practice in children’s social care? pdf

Adolescent service change and the edge of care pdf

Child sexual exploitation and mental health pdf

Systemic conditions for innovation in children’s social care pdf

Project Evaluations

57 individual projects were evaluated by 22 evaluation teams in Wave 1.

See Spring Consortium for summaries and full reports of individual project evaluations plus literature reviews during Wave 1.


Judy Sebba, Nikki Luke, Alun Rees and Di McNeish.
Supported by Diana Jones.

Contact: reesdfeevaluation@education.ox.ac.uk