Mental health and well-being

Preventing and treating poor mental health in looked after children

The NSPCC asked the Rees Centre to provide an overview of the evidence about what works to prevent and treat mental health in children and young people in care.

Luke,N.,Sinclair,I.,Woolgar,M, and Sebba, J. (2014) What works in preventing and treating poor mental health in looked after children? London: NSPCC & Oxford: The Rees Centre

Key Messages (pdf)

Executive Summary(pdf)

Mental health of looked after children across the primary-secondary school school transition

The Rees Centre is involved in this research study (3 years from Sept 2014) with the Universities of Sussex and Surrey, Sussex NHS Foundation Trust and Virtual Schools and schools across England.

Further details

Both of the projects above are the subject of this blog posting.

Improving health outcomes

Doctoral researcher Áine Kelly