Innovative approaches to support young people transitioning from care to adulthood

17 March 2015, seminar 5 University of Gothenburg

This seminar brought together researchers, foster carers, young people and other professionals from Sweden, Norway and the UK to reflect on support for young people leaving care. The key messages reflect the diversity of the policy and practice frameworks of those nations represented at the event.

Key points

Full report (pdf)


Video recording of presentations and discussion

Supporting young people from care to adulthood: international research, policy and practice.
Professor Mike Stein, University of York.

Educational attainments for young care leavers.
Professor Sonia Jackson, Thomas Coram Research Unit, London.

Care leavers in Norway – challenges in supporting young people leaving care.
Jan Storö, University College, Oslo.

Voices of young people leaving care in Sweden.
Yvonne Sjöblom, Ingrid Höjer, University of Gothenburg.

Research Poster

The Children Have Grown Up How are they today? Outcomes in adult life of various forms of child protection in Romania (pdf) poster by Mariela Neagu, Rees Centre doctoral student.