Migrant Children in Foster Care

11 November 2014, seminar 4

Key points

Full report (pdf) includes summary of presentations and discussions

Part of the Teenagers in Foster Care seminar series.


The legal and policy context and current issues of interest for migrant children in England.
Judith Dennis, Refugee Council Policy Manager. (recording)

What relationships are facilitated for unaccompanied minors within the reception system in the Swedish welfare state?
Dr Charlotte Melander, University of Gothenburg.

Supporting unaccompanied asylum-seeking young people: The experience of foster care.
Dr Jim Wade, University of York. (recording)

Protecting asylum seeking children on the move.
Professor Ravi Kohli, University of Bedfordshire. (recording)

Looking back to look forward:Trust and mistrust in the lives of displaced children.
Dr Patricia Hynes, University of Bedfordshire.(recording)

The speakers were followed by reflections from a practitioner and foster carer.

Research Posters

The impact of drama and theatre on marginalised young people (pdf)
Fidelma Hanrahan, University of Sussex.

Social Networks of Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Young People Leaving Care (pdf)
Kelly McDonald, University of York.

Åsa Söderquist, University of Gothenburg


Judith Dennis

Jim Wade

Patricia Hynes

Ravi Kohli