Unaccompanied asylum seeking children in foster care

The researchers specialising in this area of work:

Dr Ellie Ott:


Aoife O’Higgins:



Dr Ellie Ott is currently leading new research on the educational provisions offered to UASC in England and the forms of provision in high-income countries that are associated with improved outcomes (eg education, health and employment). Please contact Ellie if you would like to be involved or would like to find out further information.

This research is partly funded by the John Fell Oxford University Press (OUP) Fund. 

Impact of placement type 

Aoife O’Higgins, Dr Ellie Ott, and Dr Mike Shea have recently completed a systematic review of research evidence looking at the impact of placement type on the mental health, physical health, and educational outcomes of unaccompanied migrant children.


The ESRC Teenagers in Foster Care Seminar Series included a focus on caring for teenage asylum seekers: 

Fostering a teenager asylum seeker was challenging – and fun, Feb 2017, Ellie Ott post on Guardian Social Care blog

Asylum seeking young people in foster care ESRC Seminar 4, Nov 2014. Report of seminar discussions and recorded presentations from young people, practitioners and leading researchers.







Contact Ellie

Dr Ellie Ott 01865 284062 Ellie.ott@education.ox.ac.uk