Slides and recordings of presentations given by the Rees Centre at various conferences and meetings are listed below. Also other useful resources on topics linked to fostercare, wellbeing and educational outcomes of looked after children.

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EUSARF 2018 Conference Presentations:

 Framing the Quality of Care in Different Types of Placement: Suggesting a Common Approach (pdf)

Achieving legal, residential and psychological permanence for ‘hard to place’ children adopted from care in New South Wales(pdf)

The Social Connections Tool: Measuring the support networks of care leavers in England (pdf)

Staying Close: Piloting a new approach to supporting young people leaving residential care in England (pdf)

Exploring social care histories and educational outcomes among children in England. Strategies using administrative data (pdf)

Educational Attainment of Young People in Care Nikki Luke, slide presentation, BASPCAN Conference, April 2018

How do schools address attachment and trauma? (pdf) Duncan Roberts, Head Teacher Maple Cross JMI & Nursery School, Rees Centre webinar presentation, 26 March 2018

What works in children’s social care? Messages from Wave 1, DfE Children’s Social Care Programme (pdf) Judy Sebba, slide presentation, Oxfordshire Children’s Safeguarding Board Conference, March 2018

“No voice, no opinion, nothing..”Learning from experiences of parents with children in care (pdf) Jess Cocks, Life Without Barriers, lunchtime talk hosted by Rees Centre, 1 Dec 2017, Oxford

Findings from study on impact of unproven allegations on foster carers – impact on birth children (pdf) Judy sebba, slide presentation, Newcastle, September 2017

Subjective wellbeing of looked after children and survey development – Bright Spots project Professor Julie Selwyn, University of Bristol (slides from public seminar presentation), 15 May 2017, Oxford
See also University of Oxford Podcast

Introduction to the Rees Centre: evidence informed decision making (pdf) Judy Sebba, slide presentation to Southampton social workers, April 2017

Educational Progress – 2 minute podcast from Nikki Luke on the individual differences that can impact on a child’s attainment at school and the role of care as a protective factor, Feb 2017

Collection of articles and accompanying introduction on mental health and looked after children (free online access) Child and Adolescent Mental Health, 2016

Starting Out Right: Early Education and Looked After Children report (pdf) Dec 2016

Recruiting foster carers (pdf) Judy Sebba, slides from Masterclass presentation to the Association of Child Welfare Agencies Annual Conference, Sydney Australia, 17 August 2016

Findings of an RCT evaluation of the effectivness of the Letterbox Club in improving educational outcomes among children aged 7-11 in foster care in Northern Ireland  Dr Karen Winter, Queens University, Belfast (slides from public seminar presentation) 13 June 2016

Helping Looked After Children to Manage Their Behaviour Dr Sara McLean, University of South Australia (webinar slides) 20 April 2016

If you are a foster parent and would like to receive copies of resources related to the vulnerabilities talked about in Sara’s slides, please email her directly:
Sara’s work is supported by the Eureka Benevolent Foundation, Australia.

Educational Progress of Looked After Children in England (pdf) slides from London launch event 30 November 2015

What works in preventing and treating poor mental health in looked after children? Nikki Luke presentation to Kent Foster Care Association Conference June 2015

Supporting the mental health of looked after children across the primary-secondary school transition Helen Drew, Kent Foster Care Association Conference June 2015

The role of CAMHS in supporting looked after children Dr Matt Woolgar, Kent Foster Care Association Conference June 2015

Messages from Rees Centre research Judy Sebba keynote presentation, Hampshire Fostering Network Big Event 3 June 2015

Virtual School Handbook (pdf) June 2015

Pupil premium – Improving outcomes and experiences of disadvantaged and looked after children in schools (YouTube video) Chair Sir Tim Brighouse, TeachMeet March 2015

Evidence informed educational practice for children in care (Slides) Alun Rees and Lucy Wawrzyniak, Rees Centre Webinar February 2015

Making sense of the research evidence: Improving Educational Outcomes for Young People In Care (slides) Judy Sebba, BAAF Aiming Higher Conference, January 2015

Migrant children in foster care (seminar, 11 November 2014)

An overview of designs used in research in fostering (powerpoint slides) Judy Sebba, Aiofe O’Higgins, Nikki Luke, EUSARF conference September 2014

Parent and child fostering: messages from research and practice  (pdf) Nikki Luke and Helen Holgate, UWE September 2014

Participating in Research as an Interviewer – a foster carer’s perspective (powerpoint slides) Colin Chatten, EUSARF conference September 2014

Informing and Evaluating PeerSupportGroups(powerpoint slides) Nikki Luke, EUSARF conference September 2014

What are the factors associated with the educational outcomes of children in care? A systematic review (slides) Aoife O’Higgins, EUSARF conference September 2014

What research suggests might be most effective use of Pupil Premium (Plus) for improving educational outcomes of looked after children (slides) Judy Sebba, Centre for Learning and Teaching Research, University of Sussex, July 2014

Fostering Teenagers: Effective Interdisciplinary Youth Justice Systems (seminar, 25 June 2014)

What the research tells us about improving educational outcomes of looked after children (slides) Judy Sebba, keynote for Brighton and Hove Virtual School, May 2014

Fostering Teenagers: Sex, risks and rights (videos from speakers at full day seminar, 2 April 2014)

What can schools do to raise attainment and learning of looked after children? (audio recording with slides) Judy Sebba, online seminar for National College for Teaching and Leadership, 26 March 2014

How can teachers and schools promote the educational achievement of children in care?(video) Robert Flynn, 25 March 2014

Resources from National Virtual Schools Headteachers’ Conference, Oxford, 21 March 2014

Professional foster carers and committed parents: the challenges of providing permanence in long-term foster care (video) Gillian Schofield, 17 February 2014

Fostering teenagers: How views of parenting and teenagers apply to foster care  (videos from speakers at full day seminar, 16 January 2014)

Team Parenting for Children in Foster Care. Written by Jeanette Caw with Professor Judy Sebba, the book highlights the joined-up approach to foster care developed by the Core Assets Group, and its significance in achieving positive outcomes for the looked after child. Published November 2013

What does research suggest about supporting positive outcomes for children in foster care? (slides) Judy Sebba keynote presentation, IFCO 2013

Safeguarding children in the early years: research messages for professionals in education (video) Harriet Ward, Monday 3 June 2013

Leaving care: outcomes for fostered young people (video) Mike Stein, Sonia Jackson and Mark Rogers, Wednesday 20 March 2013

Research on childhood well-being: gender and racialised identities (video) Ann Phoenix, Monday 4 March 2013

What can schools do to realise expectations? (video) Peter Pecora, David Berridge and Peter McParlin, 20 February 2013

Improving the outcomes of children and young people in out of home care: practice and research-based strategies (video) Peter Pecora, Tuesday 19 February 2013

What are we trying to achieve in foster care? (video) Robbie Gilligan, Ian Sinclair and Shirley Trundle, Wednesday 16  January 2013

How does foster care work? Improving outcomes and wellbeing through support and training in parenting (video) Stephen Scott, Kathy  Sylva and Sara Worth, Weds 21 November 2012


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