The Simple Guide to Child Trauma


Reviewed by foster carer Alison Donnelly-Shorrock 

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The book begins with an explanation around trauma and what causes it. The writer uses a term ‘emotional constipation’ and this goes a long way to describe how a child feels inside, stuck and they cannot let the pain out, but the writer explains we all need to be able to express our feelings.

The writer goes through the book in stages, taking you along a journey of learning, may be you have some knowledge on the topic, revisiting something you have already learnt, or learning new knowledge or understanding. Teaching a child or young person emotional self-regulation, and the book gives the reader a ‘reservoir of strategies to add to their personal ‘tool box’.

The book reminds us as carers that we need to look after ourselves, stating “we usually need the support of other adults who understand this process and can champion us as we invest in the recovery of a traumatised child”.  The word ‘champion’ here is very fitting for the explanation of your support network.

Overall this book is easy to read, written in ‘normal language’, giving knowledge of how we may develop our practice and add to our ‘Tool Box’. Giving advice on how we can empower these children to access recovery through a therapeutic and empathic relationship, supporting a person centred approach within our homes and most of all building an effective relationship built on trust within a secure base…..

Alison Donnelly-Shorrock

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