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Book Reviewed by Hilary Shearer, foster carer

The book provides a realistic overview of fostering.  It contains lots of information in an easy to read and well-structured design. 

It guides potential foster carers and uses understandable language to explain the process of becoming a foster carer and what fostering involves. 

The book is also a useful reference tool for existing foster carers with topics such as managing allegations, birth families, unaccompanied asylum-seeking children and special guardianship orders.  It prompts thoughtful reflection and helps to consider different perspectives which is important within fostering to help truly understand the situation.

The simple, comprehensive format makes this book an enjoyable read.  It is a valuable resource, both for potential and existing foster carers.  It provides lots of information and has a good grasp of modern fostering.  I would highly recommend it.

Hilary Shearer, foster carer Sept 2017

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